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Premier Plastering Christchurch Limited 

Rick & Robyn Bennett 

Premier Plastering is the leading commercial plastering company in Christchurch. For 15 years, Rick and Robyn Bennett have been growing the company which now employs a staff of 14. They became clients of Accounting Solutions in 1998, when they first opened their doors for business.

'Louise and her team are why we're where we are today,' declares Robyn. 'They've been with us every step of the way and we don't make any business decisions without them. They manage all our accounting needs and regularly provide us with reporting and advice. A lot of the growth and success in our business can be attributed to the financial advice and support we've had from Louise.'

 Premier Plastering is known for their professionalism and quality of work. They've established a reputation for doing things well and have employees that have been working for them since they first started the business. Rick and Robyn have achieved this success while starting a family and bringing up three young children.

'We've grown so much. We're at a good size now. We've got a great work/life balance too. Louise has stressed the importance of this to us over the years'  says Robyn. 'Much of our success is due to the relationship we have with Louise and her team. They really do care about us and are genuinely interested in our business. She has a very holistic approach.'

When asked what the toughest part about being in business is, Rick responds with these thoughts. 'The toughest part is getting to rock bottom.  There have been plenty of tough times, but we've never given up and always kept going.  Louise has supported us through these times by giving us advice and outlining various options. Her expertise has kept us afloat.  We've always been committed to carrying on and Louise helped get us through the bad times to the good times we're in now.'

 Robyn shares her last words of advice to other business owners.

 'Don't be removed from your accountant. Get comfortable with them and grow the relationship. They can do so much more than just the financials. If you don't really connect with your current accountant, I'd suggest that you contact Louise for a chat.'

 'Thanks to Accounting Solutions, we're in a place in our business that we never dreamed we would be.'

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  • "With our previous accountant, I had all this information but didn't really get a grasp of what it meant. Now with Accounting Solutions I understand my overall business and where we are going."
    -Richard Allin, Managing Director, Push Bikes Ltd
  • Accounting Solutions has surpassed my previous experience of a large international accounting firm. An experienced accounting team who can manage complex financial tasks."
    -Phil Bryant, Channel X
  • "We have been clients of Accounting Solutions for over 13 years now. Their proactive approach has helped our business to continue to grow and helped make business simple, profitable and enjoyable."
    -Bernie Hunt, Managing Director, Sydenham Joinery Limited
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